Technology Integrated campaigns

Khushiyan Aasmaan Se


Kushiyan Aasmaan Se campaign used a gesture-based technology to connect with farmers for the Coromandel fertilizer brand.

The campaign reached 2560 contacts in the state of Maharashtra covering 124 locations.

Mahindra Supro & Jeeto – Profitpur ke Sholay



Profitpur Key Sholay was a PAN-India campaign that integrated animat­­ed audio-visual elements with a single-screen theatre set-up drawing inspiration from 1975 era blockbuster Sholay’s timeless appeal.

Profitpur Key Sholay campaign covered 15500 individual TGs and 1200 Anaj Mandis spread across 9 States.

Mahindra SMT- HD Series Launch


The Mahindra SMT-HD Series Launch campaign provided experiential experience to TGs with test drives at Mandis, Haats and Stands across 16 States covering 933 locations and reaching out to 24, 216 people.

The engagement activities that focused on a Supro Series driver and his experience connected well with the TGs.

Vasmol-Kesh Johri



Vasmol-Kesh Johri campaign targeted women between the age group 25-35 years that connected 20,000 people across 40 towns in Tamil Nadu and 102 villages across AP & Telangana.

As part of an innovative engagement, the activation van was customised into a saloon and the TGs were given free styling sessions & tips.