Tata Pipes Krishi Mitra

The objective behind the on-ground BTL Krishi Mitra campaign is to position Tata Pipes as a superior and premium brand offering among the target audience dependent upon borewell irrigation for their crops.

Since the Tata Pipes were comparatively costlier than the competing brands in the market, the Insight Outreach team sought to reach out to the target farmers to educate them about the importance of choosing the right pipes for their borewells and how it can be a win-win in the long run.

Objective of the campaign:

This was a month-long activation that targeted both the captive and non-captive target farmers at key vantage points and high-frequency congregational touchpoints like mandis and haats in the districts of Anantapur and Mahbubnagar in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states.

The target audience was given product demonstration at the activity spots to make them understand the superior quality of Tata Pipes. The local sarpanch was often roped in for brand advocacy.

Using interactive contests and quizzes as engagement activities, the participating farmers acquired first-hand information about the value addition that Tata Pipes was offering with a hassle-free and prolonged lifespan for their borewell needs.

With continuous digital & CRM engagements, a significant number of leads were generated with Krishi Mitra campaign. The Insight Outreach team also took out a post-activity remarketing campaign with digital/social media platforms to connect with a huge number of farmers we pooled from our database.


With a custom-made brand film and digital leaflets showcasing the USP of Tata Pipes, Insight Outreach team enticed prospective target audiences to attend the main activity through WhatsApp invites. The pre-activity also included engagement activities including contests & quizzes with contest winners getting gratified every week.

Quantitative Study:

The main activity was preceded by a large-scale quantitative study undertaken involving over 10,000 farmers spread over five states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan to understand the borewell irrigation system in the respective geographical area.

This was a Captive and Non-Captive Customer Analysis that aimed to gauge the mindset of the target audience about their expectation from a borewell pipe and what barriers were coming in the way to adopting Tata Pipes.

Based on their perception about Tata Pipes, the study collated the findings on parameters like high costing, lack of awareness, rusting issue and installation from the respondent farmers in these five states.


Krishi Mitra made a strong impact on the target audience as a lot of misconceptions about the brand – which came to light after the analysis of the mammoth quantitative study – could be cleared with this campaign. Overall, the campaign covered 76 villages in 2 states and generated 2400+ leads.