Tata Ace Mahadivas

Tata Ace Maha Diwas is a widely successful Pan-India campaign for brand Tata Ace, which managed to carve its niche among its customers for the value and quality services it provides.

 The on-ground activation for Tata Ace Maha Diwas was rolled out across major states including cities and state capitals across India. 


They included Madhya Pradesh (Indore, Jabalpur), Karnataka (Bangalore, Hubli, Mangalore), Haryana (Ambala, Hissar), Uttarpradesh (Noida, Lucknow), Maharashtra (Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik), Telangana (Hyderabad), Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Rajasthan (Jaipur), Andhra Pradesh (Vizag), Chattisgarh (Raipur) and Gujrat (Rajkot).

Objective of the campaign:

With the idea of deeply ingraining the long-established goodwill of Tata Ace that it commands from its customers, #TataAceMahaDiwas became a rallying point for a unique campaign. 


While it was an on-ground activation, it was also a celebration at the same time for Tata Ace’s “23 Million Customers. 23 Million Happy Faces” as the campaign sought to mark a dedicated day for all the stakeholders associated with the brand to cement its market dominance.


The unique campaign brought together select loyal Tata Ace customers, mechanics, brokers, financiers and fabricators to the event for a celebration cum felicitation of the key stakeholders of the brand while widening its Target Audience at the same time by generating new leads.

List of activities:

Using a mix of integrated communication strategies that combined offline & online approaches, the Tata Ace campaign sought to reach out to its Target Audience that included truck drivers, truck owners, business owners & self-employed youths.


With an elaborate pre-activity that involved in-person meeting, greeting & inviting existing customers, drivers/owners, mechanics and financers from within the local Tata Ace dealership’s area, the activation team also reached out to them on WhatsApp.


While felicitation of Tate Ace’s loyal stakeholders was a prominent part of the activation, special focus was given on the lead generation by exposing the participants to a phydigital brand experience.


This involved brand showcasing through testimonial/brand films/ success stories of Tata Ace customers on a big screen mounted on Tate Ace van.



For the main activity – which was divided into separate morning activity called Ace Maha Diwas and an evening activity called Ace Ki Sham – local influencers and celebrities were roped in for brand promotion even as arrangements were made to the participants for a touch and feel the experience of the brand by facilitating test drives.


The campaign heavily used customized brand merchandise like face prints, key chains, cloth masks, sunglasses, T-shirts, pre-loaded gifts through TATA Ace Khushi Junction and painted Tata Ace Wall to attract maximum brand visibility.


There was also a post-activity phase for the Tata Ace Maha Diwas campaign as it was integrated with email marketing and sharing of social media posts of the participating customers and their felicitation photos on Facebook.


Wherever possible, the campaign also actively took up social media promotion by engaging the services of a local social media micro-influencer going live on the day of the activation.


The Pan-India Tata Ace Maha Diwas was massively successful and delivered a wider impact with its unique mix of phydigital experience for the customers. 


The campaign generated new leads for the brand through Ace Maha Diwas (the morning activity) while establishing a strong brand connect in the process with Ace Ki Sham (the evening activity).