The Right Rural Approach ​

Insight Outreach is one of the few Rural Activation Agencies in India with a knack for putting in place an intelligent combination of multiple forms of media with the right marketing strategies to make inroads for reaching out to rural customers.
But effective Rural communication for any brand calls for an in-depth qualitative study with the consumer and the entire influencing chain to be undertaken to understand their decision-making process before the campaign can hit the target market.
A mindset study will help us to understand the perception of the consumer and the influencer about the ground realities to arrive at the right strategy.
These deciding factors that come out from our mindset study are crucial for any brand as they reflect the market realities and real-time challenges they might face during on-ground activation if they remain unaddressed.
The suggested corrective measures that may be advised would enable brands to adopt a relevant strategy by tweaking the planned initiative to suit the market needs.
The outcome of this process not only helps in effectively taking on the competition based on the inputs collated from the mindset study but also facilitate fine-tuning the creation of a distinct brand positioning for the product in some cases.