Why Mindset Marketing?

While statistical data may reveal WHAT is happening, knowing WHY it is happening may not be revealed. Many aspects are impacting rural consumers’ thinking which may be the real roadblocks and needs a deep dive into their minds.

Our team’s ground-level involvement in understanding Rural Consumer for multiple product categories for many decades has enabled us to conceptualise a process called MINDSET MARKETING.


Understanding the decision-making process of the stakeholders is vital for any brand approaching Rural, as it helps to arrive at suitable strategies relevant to the CHANGING RURAL CONSUMER and INFLUENCER MINDSET.

Like the 86 billion neurons of a single brain constantly exchanging information among themselves, understanding the decision-making process of millions of such brains may seem next to impossible.

Studying rural mindset being a complex and dynamic process, requires the support of both science and creativity. It becomes all the more complicated in a country as diverse as India.

That’s where ‘our nose to the ground’ approach come in as our well-experienced research team will head to the target markets, delve into ever-changing rural consumer minds and try to equip you with some qualitative information to make informed decisions and devise your marketing and communication plans accordingly for better ROI.

We call this process the MINDSET MARKETING.