Mahindra Supro Profit Truck

Understanding rural audience made customer-centric profit bank of India campaign quite successful in the rural market for Mahindra’s Supro HD Series Profit Trucks.

The need for new marketing strategies called for another round of small town marketing to create lasting impact for an upgraded version of these two trucks.

Profit 1

Objective of the campaign

Our knack for understanding rural audience makes specialized marketing solutions like profit bank of India campaign possible for IOPL’s experienced professionals but this time there was a need to step up our efforts.


This time our experienced professionals took up creative selling by popularizing the concept of touch and feel as that’s what upgraded versions of Mahindra’s SMT HD Series Profit Trucks were all about.

Brand recognition was not a problem as Mahindra’s SMT HD Series was now firmly positioned in the minds and hearts of the target customers as their iconic ‘Profit Trucks’.


What’s required was reaching out to new aspiring rural customers for making a creative selling pitch for the advanced and improved versions of Mahindra’s trucks, aptly renamed as Supro Maxitruck & Minitruck Heavy Duty (HD) Profit Trucks.

Using multiple forms of media and ‘mixed reality’, the campaign was created with the objective of reaching out to rural customers.

While keeping media integration at the core of the campaign, we ensured profit and prosperity were not obscured by our engagement activities from the overall brand communications goals.

The campaign’s objective was customer-centric and focused on experiential technology as part of integrated marketing campaign. What’s more, its emotional aspects had to be highlighted to achieve brand goals.

List of activities:

Handling large scale & geographically scattered campaigns is one of IOPL’s forte and we used this strength to advantage to mount a spirited rural activation about the upgraded Supro Maxitruck and Minitrucks.

For perfect penetration into the small town marketing opportunities, what our experienced professionals did was this: We used testimonial accounts.

We projected buyers of the first series ‘Profit trucks’ for influencer marketing by showcasing them as brand ambassadors and how their lives were changed for the better subsequently.

Our brand communications for the campaign was centred around the fact that the upgraded trucks were equipped with ‘Leaf Spring Suspension’.

Known otherwise as Front Rigid Suspension, IOPL’s creative team had devised a unique technology-enabled campaign to project it as the USP of our strategic brand solutions.

Using a promotional mix of sales promotions and direct marketing, our strong work force successfully took the campaign to identified target group at influential touch points like CV stands, major markets, Agri mandis and APMCs.

For adding more value to the campaigns and achieve brand goals, the campaign aptly made use of immersive technology to drive home the benefits of ‘Leaf Spring Suspension’ among target group through gestures and movements made before a large LCD screen mounted on a van.

Our conceptual approach to the campaign explained to the rural customers how Front Rigid Suspension equipped ‘Profit Trucks’ make the vehicles sturdier enough to ply on difficult road conditions.

This experiential technology is set to boost their income and had to be communicated properly to enhance customer experience as it would create longterm impact for future Promotional Marketing.

We took up an integrated marketing campaign to execute the idea. this, we set up a large screen at selected congregational points for promotional marketing.

Using a unique software, our specialized marketing team gave a virtual test ride to the target rural customers to experience the features and advantages of using ‘Front Rigid Suspension’ in ‘SMT HD Series Trucks’.

Selective use of experiential technology in promotional marketing enabled the enthusiastic participants to select one of the two models of the trucks before undertaking the simulated virtual journey.

The services extended included allowing them to maneuver (using only hand gestures) various riding conditions like excess load, mileage, turning radius and rugged roads besides experiencing its internal features – all on the Front Rigid Suspension-fitted vehicle.

Touch and feel technology was a unique way of explaining the vehicle’s advanced features and how it would eventually translate into profits for them.

The customer-centric approach to promotional marketing worked as it succeeded in facilitating an interactive engagement with the target group in an entertaining way while making them aware about the features of ‘Front Rigid Suspension’ through virtual reality.

In this small town marketing initiative, we also integrated other games like Mooch station (a selfie zone with a moustache) and Bow & Arrow activity in the shape of Leaf Spring Suspension with ‘SMT HD Series Profit Trucks’ campaign to drive home the USP of the vehicles.


With IOPL’s effective communication strategies, the campaign on the upgraded Profit Trucks generated great results from the campaign.

The integrated marketing campaign was simultaneously targeted across Telangana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, J & K, Tamil Nadu, MP, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Jharkhand states.