Authentic Lead Capture, Systematic Tracking, Regular Updates

The cherished expectation for any brand from any Rural Activation Agency is quality Lead Generation & Management at the end of any on-ground campaign. It is often considered to be one of the important deliverable parameters that define if any campaign was successful or not.

We at Insight Outreach have developed lead management tools to keep a tab on the ground activation at every single stage of the campaign with deep monitoring over the entire chain of activities by dedicated CRM teams who are focused on the following two activities:

OTP Based Lead Capture:

We follow a fail-safe One-Time Password (OTP) based lead capture protocol to ensure quality & verifiable leads are generated to convey targeted messages such as a web link for a brand film, digital leaflet or a website.

Lead Management:

There’s a systematic tracking of leads & activities in all locations by a team of CRM executives before they are categorised based on cold, warm & hot leads.