JCB Gramodaya

The JCB Rural Initiative –Gramodaya Campaign had the potential to check the rural migration of youths to cities in search of a job as it was envisaged to create new entrepreneurs. The campaign was rolled out across Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states and spanned for 1-2 weeks in a single phase.


Objective of the campaign:

The driving factor behind JCB Rural Initiative –Gram Uday was to improve the scope for employment generation for youths in rural areas as the campaign provided an opportunity with twin benefits: employment for youths as JCB Certified Machine Operator & JCB owners as entrepreneurs.


 What made the campaign more endearing for the Target Audience was that they could avail these benefits from JCB Rural Initiative –Gram Uday at their native place as both the prospective job seeker & job creator need not venture outside due to the ready availability of demand for their services locally.


Meeting the objective of the campaign involved reaching out to new aspiring rural sections to explain to them how owning a JCB machine can help them become entrepreneurs as it comes with multiple infrastructural works.


The campaign specifically reached out to progressive farmers, tractor fleet owners, traders, local real estate developers, JCB competitors, village heads, influencers and jobless rural youths in target villages with populations between 5,000- 20,000. 

List of activities:

For JCB Rural Initiative –Gram Uday Campaign effectiveness, a pre-campaign hype was created to attract the right Target Audience for the on-ground activity by meeting, greeting & inviting the village Pradhan, tractor owners & influencers of the village. 


The on-ground activation was rolled out as ‘JCB Grameen Express’. Using a mix of sales promotions, direct marketing and touch and feel experience, the activation team of IOPL created a positive vibe about the campaign.


The tractor owners were given a platform at ‘JCB Grameen Express’ to share their success story and facilitate the formation of easy connect for interesting engagement activities.


 They were given a product video presentation of local success story of a JCB owner that showcased the USP & key features of the vehicle including a one-to-one explanation about the finance schemes & the income generation potential by the attending dealership.

Since the JCB machine could be afforded only by select TGs, selection of the activation touchpoints was made in those villages that had considerable prosperity, had proximity with state highways as well as the nearest JCB machine dealership. 


The campaign ensured that curiosity in the JCB machine was raised among the TGs with an integrated communication strategy that created a sales momentum and provided scope for lead conversion.


Using a mix of phydigital experience and a re-targeting campaign to connect with the TGs post the campaign, they were exposed to the success stories of the brand users and briefed about the available finance schemes.


With IOPL’s effective communication strategies, as a result, the ‘JCB Grameen Express’ elicited a very good response from the TGs across campaign states in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states.