Congregational Point Activities

Cycle Upgraders Activity



The Campaign aimed to tap the Cycle upgraders by conveying the message – Why Buy A Cycle When You Can Buy TVS XL At 2999 (Down Payment) in Varanasi & Ranchi.

The campaign was carried out at weekly haats/mandis, local markets, industrial areas, and other vantage points. As part of the activation, free cycle check-up servicing and foot massages was offered to the target group.

In total 3221 people were contacted and more than 2400 of them were offered test rides. Brand awareness increased significantly in the target geographies with 73% participants saying they recognize the brand. Last year only 55%  of the respondents had said they are aware of TVS XL 100.

Mahindra SMT- Profit Bank of India



‘Profit Bank Of India’ was an experiential campaign drew an analogy between profits and savings in a bank to owning a Supro Series trucks.

 The award-winning campaign was undertaken at touchpoints like Mandis, Haats and Stands across 12 states across India, covering 20,468 people with tremendous success.

Dabur Ki Daantshala



Dabur Red Toothpaste “Dabur ki Dantshala was a van-based brand connect campaign that covered around 100 towns in Telangana promoting oral health care through product sampling and giving tips.

The campaign distributed 4000 samples.