Mahindra Bolero City Pick Up Sambaralu

The Pik-Up segment has been the trendsetter for Mahindra with an exponential rise in market share of 58% during the FY-2019 – all attributable to its drive for innovation, excellence and superior product features.


Spread over touchpoints including major cities Hyderabad and Mangalore cities and several other Tier-II and Tier-III locations in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up Launch activation attracted tremendous response from the Target Audience.

Objective of the campaign:

The key objective of Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up Launch Activation was Brand Alignment of Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up’s market dominance in the Pik-Up segment with an impactful communication strategy.


Thanks to its top-of-the-class features with perfect strength & characters for easy manoeuvrability in city traffic conditions, Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up Launch Activation positioned the Pik-Up as a dream vehicle.


The communication strategy was to engage the Target Audience highlighting key features that help it stand apart from its competition as the preferred first choice Small Commercial Vehicle (SCV) in its category.


Its eye-catching elements like tight turns capability with a 6.5 turning radius, comfortable driving in congested city lanes, optimized load-body dimensions and powerful 63 HP engine make Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up a vehicle of desire for the TGs.

List of activities:

The Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up Launch Activation setup was focused on winning the trust of the TGs through an integrated approach that facilitated the IOPL’s on-ground team to build an easy connect with them.


The TGs for the Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up Launch Activation were either first-time users (FTUs) or Market Load Operators (MLOs), especially those driving competition vehicles. 


They were pre-identified and personally approached by Insight’s activation teams and distributed leaflets as part of the pre-activity at select touchpoints such as mandis, transport stands, APMCs and Mahindra Mitra Technicians for effective response.


With the help of local dealerships, the TGs were motivated by IOPL’s on-ground team to be part of an experiential activation that involved providing the ‘touch and feel’ experience with test drives.


The selection of test drives routes was carefully selected to ensure the TGs got a real experience of driving Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up in a congested marketplace to demonstrate the vehicle’s tight turning capabilities.


The TGs were also exposed to success stories of previous buyers in the form of short videos and involved in engaging ice-breaking engaging activities to gain the trust of the participants at the touchpoint. 


For better coordination and connect with the customers at the activation touchpoints, the Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up activation deployed exclusive ‘Marshals’ to a dealer in the activation zone to ensure faster real-time troubleshooting of customer issues. 


These ‘Marshals’ played a pivotal role supervising the activation, coordinating with all the stakeholders in the activation, extending support to the sales teams, resolving customer queries and connecting with opinion leaders to get their feedback first-hand.


The campaign effectiveness of Mahindra Bolero City Pik-Up activation easily boosted the confidence and gained the trust of the TGs at most of the touchpoints from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states, resulting in quality lead generation for the brand.