The best of our branding solutions comprise what is now known as IOPL'S 6-Step framework: our premium rural marketing innovation services that integrate technology into the campaigns to provide specialized marketing and communication solutions that always work.
IOPL'S 6-Step framework includes the following specialized marketing solutions:

Our research & analytics department takes up exploratory research with a focus on both primary data and secondary data gathering.
There are proper customer segmentation and customer profiling by our research & analytics wing. We also create data bank based on market surveys besides conducting sector specific studies for our esteemed clients.
In several ways, research & analytics become guiding principles for communication strategies such as:
  • (i)  Low-cost dipstick studies with small sample size
  • (ii)   Socio-demographic (Soc-Dem) research
  • (iii)  Socio-economic household segmentation by consumption and potential groupings in A, B, C and D categories
Such studies in our data capture & analysis help our clients in getting competitive analysis to aid in better decision making.
This is not all, as we assist clients with a conceptual approach to create sustainable campaigns.
Such campaigns are backed up with strategy, research, creative and best in class operational excellence.
Besides our sector specific studies, our research excellence includes daily tracking of the campaign dynamics and evaluation of Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) by the strategists and implementers at Insight Outreach.
Some other functions performed by Insight Outreach Pvt Ltd's research & analytics department include:
  • (i)  Sector specific industry studies
  • (ii)   Association/community specific studies
  • (iii) One-to-one interviews
  • (iv)  Focus group studies
  • (v)   Distribution studies
  • (vi) Mystery audits
  • (vii)  Terrain mapping
  • (viii)   Geo-mapping studies
  • (ix) Customer satisfaction studies
  • (x) Demand estimation studies
  • (xi)  Competitive analysis
  • (xii)   Buyer motivation & expectation studies
  • (xiii) Customer segmentation and SEC reports.
It's not far-fetched to say that our innovative initiatives can transform campaigns in a positive manner.