Rural Go-To-Market Strategy

Rural marketing in India is a complex mix of vital elements that requires an intelligent combination of multiple forms of media with the right marketing strategies before one can make an inroad for reaching out to rural customers.
Whether potential customers in remote areas are to be targeted through local folk art forms or products and services have to be introduced to the rural market with a promotional mix using experiential or what one may call touch and feel enabling technology, Insight Outreach Pvt.Ltd (IOPL) has an answer to any type of rural marketing operation.
Not just understanding rural audience for Rural Marketing Companies in India, IOPL’s data driven approach ensures that they do not miss out their potential rural customers as against their urban counterparts when it comes to market penetration and brand recognition for their products and services.
Our interactive engagement with potential customers takes shape based on the science of consumer behavior and nature of products and services being targeted at aspiring rural customers in different congregational touch points. Whether it is at a haat, Jatara or a gram panchayat, our rural marketing insight always deliver.
From creative selling to direct marketing ideas through different modes of communication like technology-enabled kiosks, street plays, mobile and internet based platforms, LED mobile van advertising or with any other appropriate Integrated Marketing Campaign, IOPL has a time-tested tradition of being one of the few Rural Activation Agencies in India that offers customized solutions to make the best of rural advertising.

Integrated Marketing Communication

There are no two ways about the fact that zeroing in on the most effective communication tool for reaching out to rural customers depends on several factors, sometimes requiring media integration in order to maximize opportunities for rural marketing companies in India by way of sales promotions and brand recognition.
The integrated marketing campaign (IMC) can be a mix of communication tools like leafleting, out of the home (OOH) advertising, canopy marketing, TV & Radio advertisements to technology-enabled van marketing but what works best in reaching out to rural customers is designed by our team of creative marketing consultants on a case-by-case, depending upon sound data driven rural market research.
When it comes to IMC, our innovative approach does not merely remain confined to providing customer-centric services but we at IOPL are also equipped with the complete wherewithal in making available end-to-end solution at the disposal of rural marketing companies in India. From ideation to design, research, analysis and activation of rural marketing operation, we go the full distance.
Not just that, our strategic framework ensures that the conceived IMC is able to reach as many rural customers as possible in a given time-frame and location without compromising on the quality of rural advertising message, irrespective of the nature of consumer products and services.

Rural Research & Analytics

Powered by our data driven approach to understanding rural audience, IOPL adopts a fail-safe mechanism to ensure that all our rural marketing campaign delivers results on all fronts - Be it creating brand recognition or pushing sales promotions for rural customers.
This is made possible only through our masterful grasp over rural research & analytics with real-time feedback obtained from the field directly from rural customers during the course of a series of pilot studies undertaken to test the marketing plan.
Sometimes, we delve deeper to find out what rural customers aspire or those go-to people, who influence their buying behavior towards the marketed products and services, but nothing ever is undertaken without clearly understanding consumer behavior of the target group
Only after confirming the sustainability of the rural marketing campaign through direct observation and feedback gathered from the target consumers, a post implementation analysis report is drawn up and based on it, IOPL offers customized solutions to rural marketing companies.
Even for finalizing the suitable communication tool that can effectively take forward the marketing plan, it’s the in-house data from rural research & analytics that comes handy for IOPL’s creative team to reach out to rural customers.

Innovation & Design

For rural marketing in India to thrive and create growth opportunities for companies and their brands, it calls for a sustained process of thinking outside the box to accomplish sales promotions. Yet, it may not be enough for reaching out to rural customers.
What’s needed is to provide them end-to-end creative and design solutions for brand recognition and its penetration through our detailed to perfection innovation process into rural marketing.
From storyboarding till the final execution of the marketing strategies on the ground, our innovative approach covers all the steps.
We leverage available communication tools at our disposal to enable technology based marketing campaigns reach out to as many potential customers as possible, in an efficient way.
Sometimes, we go the extra mile by including 3D technology, or coming out with software enabled taglines, logos, fun games or experiential touch-screen technology in order to perfect the pitch for sales promotions.
Depending upon the nature of products and services sought to be communicated to a specific rural market, our experienced creative team has a knack for zeroing in on the right mix of BTL promotion and static branding tools to make direct impact on potential consumers.
Often, technology solutions for rural marketing operation with static branding tools take different forms like digital wall paintings or simple creative approach like out of the home (OOH) advertising or railway or bus branding options that IOPL team is adept at handling.
Understanding rural audience is pivotal before one can enter the rural market to take up promotions for products and services through innovation & design but at IOPL, we go beyond that by offering customised creative solutions to companies in communicating the USP of their brands.

Strategic Brand Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing plan to promote a brand that Rural Activation Agencies in India can blindly copy-paste before they take it to their rural customers.
The marketing strategies for sales promotions differ from product to product – one marketing channel that works best for a product may not suit another at all.
This call for making available strategic brand solutions – that IOPL’s creative team is adept at - to find out the most viable communication channel for rural market that can deliver the desired goals for different products and services.
Backed by our customer-centric approach, the rural marketing insight of IOPL’s creative team not only predicts the appropriate marketing channel that needs to be adopted for the campaign but also provides analysis to see whether Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Objective (ROO) are met.
Whether it’s brand recognition, mass communication of products and services or reaching out to clearly defined rural customers or brand penetration, our strategic brand building campaign offers solutions to brands that are not only highly engaging, but manages to communicate their message clearly.
Prior to offering strategic brand solutions for rural marketing operation, we at IOPL always ensure that enough pilot tests are undertaken to find out which BTL communication tool is ideally suited in reaching out to maximum number of potential rural customers.
The ideal channel of marketing plan could be anything, ranging from canopy activation, static branding, van activation, product launch, mall activation or using a mix of Integrated Marketing Communication with digital media campaign, but it’s always decided analytically without resorting to guesswork.
Understanding rural audience is pivotal before one can enter the rural market to take up promotions for products and services through innovation & design but at IOPL, we go beyond that by offering customised creative solutions to companies in communicating the USP of their brands.